Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruh, Roh!

I guess every guide dog puppy in training has to leave their family with something to remember them by and I'm no different.  Recently I was laying on the dining room rug, Mom and Dad were both about 5-10 ft. away thinking that I was playing with a toy, but as you can see, I wasn't....

I just thought the rug needed another white circle...

During a recent trip to the SEGD Discovery Center in Sarasota, I got to meet these two children.  They were not brother and sister, but as you can see, we all had the same "golden" hair.

Just call us "Goldie Locks"

Recently, one of my business associates, Tracy, got a new puppy named Simi.  Simi is an Italian Mastiff & Great Dane mixed breed and is 4-1/2 months old.  The picture below isn't the greatest, but as you can see, Simi is almost as big as me and I'll be 9 months old soon.  Simi is going to be one BIG puppy (and I mean that in the nicest way)!

Hi Simi!  I sure hope we can be friends...

On some recent walks Mom and I have seen this little fellow a few times in the drainage ditch between the road and the sidewalk.  He's only about 2 feet long, but hopefully he'll find a new home soon before he gets any bigger!

I'd hate to meet his Mama!

Good thing I didn't confuse him with all the
little lizards that run around...

Since I started tonight's post with my destructive behavior (really, I'm not that bad) I figure I should close with it too...

One of my favorite toys is what we call "keys to the kingdom".  A few months ago Dad & Mom bought me a set while I was teething and I fell in love with them, but recently I've gotten a little more aggressive about chewing them.  Dad & Mom noticed that I had started chewing of the key notches on the ends so they bought me a new set.

Within 15 minutes I had managed to destroy the yellow key...

It hasn't taken me long to finish off the red and blue keys either...

The funny thing is that I don't eat the pieces I chew off, I spit them out in a pile on the floor... 

'Til next time...  Puppy hugs, Gail

Yes, that's THE rug in the background...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Then & now...

This will be a very short post...

10 Weeks

8 Months

Puppy hugs, Gail


"Fore!" is shouted as a warning during a golf game when it appears possible that a golf ball may hit other players or spectators. The mention of the term in an 1881 British Golf Museum indicates that the term was in use at least as early as that period.  The term means "look ahead", and it is believed to come from the military "beware before", which an artilleryman about to fire would yell alerting nearby infantrymen to drop to the ground to avoid the shells overhead.

Other possible origins include the term being derived from the term "fore-caddy", a caddy waiting down range from the golfer to find where the ball lands. These caddies were often warned about oncoming golf balls by a shout of the term "fore-caddy" which was eventually shortened to just "fore!".

What would we do without Wikipedia???

Whatever the origin of "fore" is, at least I didn't encounter it during a recent golf event that I attended.

My neighbor Jeff invited me to attend a golf event that he organized for Rogan & Associates.  The charity that Mike & Jennifer Rogan chose to sponsor was Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Jeff thought that it would be great for me to be the official mascot of the event.  I never turn down an opportunity to be the star of the show!

Jennifer & me

Mike & me

Dad & Mom made sure that we arrived at the Bayou Club early so that I could greet the golfers during the registration time.  Walking past the golf carts all lined up freaked me out a little bit, but then I saw Jeff and forgot all about them.  Next to Scott, the UPS Driver, Jeff is my most favorite person (outside the family that is).  It didn't take long for people to start coming over to say hi to me.

Jeff & me

My neighbor Catherine (left)

Good morning!

I really liked Carter, and I think he really liked me!

After the golfers started the round I hopped in a golf cart, well, was coerced into a golf cart and headed over to the 5th hole where Mike Rogan was hosting a closest to the pin contest.  As you can see, the rules were very simple...

After awhile we got back in the golf cart (it was a little easier this time) and drove around the course cheering on the players along the way.

This isn't so bad after all...

The geese hopped back in the pond as soon as they saw me

My friend Carter practicing his putting

Back at the 5th hole I kept checking out the Rolls Royce that was the prize for closest to the pin.  It was actually a chauffered weekend in the Rolls, but that would've been good enough for me.  By the way, I hope you notice that I'm doing a very good "Sit/Stay".

Isn't someone going to open the door and let me in?

After the round was over everyone met back at the clubhouse for lunch, announcement of the tournament winners, a raffle, the silent auction and a formal introduction to me.  What a great way to end a fun day!

Zzzzzzz.... Gail
I think I'm a fish in dog's clothing...

I've told you how much fun I've had at the beach, well guess what?  You can have almost as much fun in a kiddie pool!

Hmmm, what's this?

Now if I only had some sunglasses
and one of those foofy umbrella drinks!

Photographic proof that I blow bubbles in the water!

Even though I can't really swim in the pool, it sure is a great way to spend a hot Florida afternoon when there isn't time to go to the beach.

Maybe I could try surfing next...

Puppy hugs, Gail
Old MacDonald had a farm...

On my recent trip to Fort Myers to visit Grandma I got to see a whole herd (I think that's what they're called) of goats.  I thought FTM was a metropolitan city, well, maybe not quite metropolitan, but a city, not the country.  Mom took me over to the fence to say hi, but they weren't very friendly.  Of course, I'm sure it had nothing to do with me bouncing around like an excited puppy.  Even though they didn't want to say hi, I hope I still get to mark it as an exposure on my checklist...

This little guy was smaller than me

Wow - Look at all of them!

Why won't they come over and talk to me?

Another first for me was an automatic car wash.  Let me tell you, it wasn't my favorite exposure.  Mom decided that her car needed a bath so we stopped on the way to work one morning at something called a brushless car wash.  I was laying on floor of the front seat minding my own business and then all of a sudden these funny looking arms started spraying water and some funky colored stuff all over the car.  The arms kept circling around the car and just when I thought it they were done, they'd go around again.  As if the funny looking arms weren't enough, the biggest hair dyers you've ever seen came to life and hovered over the car - holy cow, that scared the you-know-what out of me!  Mom tried to talk me through it all, but I wasn't buying it.  If I could've fit under the front seat I would've been there!  I hope she doesn't decide her car needs another bath anytime soon...

What do you mean I don't fit under here?

Until next time...  Gail

Chill'n at Grandma's - Peek-a-Boo!