Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi!  It's Gail...

I thought I'd give Mom & Dad a break and write my own post tonight.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the same 'ol, same 'ol as far as days go, work with Mom, trips to Publix, etc., but Thursday was a whole new adventure, or misadventure as the case may be...

On Thursday I had to call into work for my first sick day...  When I woke up Mom went to take me out, but unfortunately, I didn't quite make it...  it turns out that I had an upset tummy.  I never made a noise in my kennel to let anyone know that I didn't feel well and by the time Mom came to get me it was too late.  I  spent the day at home with Dad to try to recuperate.  The worst part of the day was when they made me drink this icky bright pink cherry flavored stuff called Pepto Bismol - yuck!  I ended up with more on my face than in my mouth (ha, ha!).  By about 8 p.m. it looked like things were starting to clear up.

Friday Mom told me I still had to stay home.  I guess she was afraid that we'd have a few emergency trips outside and figured it was better to be safe than sorry.  As it turns out, Friday was fine so we chalked it up to something I probably ate (mulch, grass, gravel, etc.) and started planning our trip to St. Pete on Saturday for the Southeastern Guide Dogs Walk-a-Thon and celebration dinner.

Uh-oh, Saturday morning we were packing up to leave for the SEGD events and I let Mom know that I needed to go out...Now!  It turns out that I wasn't out of the woods yet.  We came back in, called Carolyn, our Area Coordinator and SEGD to let them know that I had a little problem and that we would be contacting the puppy doctor and wouldn't be able to make it to the events planned for the day.  Fortunately we were able to get an appointment so off we went for a check-up.  By the time we left the doctor's office, they had checked my temperature and other things (ouch!), had given me a syringe of some more icky stuff in case I had a parasite, and a couple of prescriptions to help with the other stuff, as well as, some special food.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out and crossing our paws that it would be a quiet, uneventful day.

By Sunday, we were all going stir crazy!  Since the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday morning passed without any more emergencies we decided to head out for breakfast, and yes, we made our weekly trip past the eagles nest... the 2 baby eagles were sitting up in the nest where you could see them, but unfortunately, we forgot to take the camera with us.

Later in the day we took a trip to the mall and walked through the main concourse and the food court (Yum!).  There is an ice skating rink (yes, I know, we live in Florida) at the mall, but I wasn't really able to see anything from ground level so we got into an elevator and went to the second level where I could look out through the glass railing to watch down below.  The glass elevator wasn't necessarily my favorite thing.  As it turns out, the skating didn't really excite me so I laid down and waited until Mom & Dad were ready to go.  As we walked through the mall we kept getting followed by a miniature train that was giving rides to kids.  It freaked me out a little bit, but after having it pass us about a dozen times I started to calm down.  Maybe next time we'll try to take a ride...  not!  As we walked around we decided to take a stroll through the food court area.  You won't believe it, but I did really well!  I didn't snarf one bit of food and was actually pretty calm walking through there - woohoo!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I met Mickey Mouse at the mall?  Wow, he's one big mouse!

On the way home from the mall we drove through the quaint little town of Dunedin.  We passed by some condos that Mom & Dad had always found fascinating since they moved here and there just happened to be an open house so we decided to stop.  The condos are three stories and let me tell you, more stairs than anyone needs to see in one day.  Although I go up and down our hardwood stairs at home everyday without a problem, I kind of freaked out with these stairs!  The first part was ok, but when I got to the landing I didn't want to go any further.  I think it was because they were enclosed.  After some coaxing I finally made it up.  Oops, I guess I've never heard the saying about what goes up, must come down - yikes!  Yep, you guessed it, I didn't want to go back down.  Some more coaxing and I finally made it, whew!  What they didn't tell me is that we were going to check out a few more models and they had just as many stairs.  After a few more tries, I got pretty good at going up and down, I just hope I can remember the next time I encounter a different type of staircase that I really can do it.

I was starting to get tired from all of the exercise and excitement so it was time to head home and hang out with the kitty, well not really... I wasn't so tired that I didn't try at least a few times to chase him (ear-to-ear grin).

Anyway, that was my week.  I can't wait to see what this week has in store for me!!!  Take care, and see you soon!

PS:  Sorry it took so long for this to be posted, there was a little glitch trying to upload pictures...

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