Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Easter Bunny,

I tried to stay up and watch for you all night long, but I must've fallen asleep... oh well, maybe next year.

Sincerely, Gail

We started preparing for Easter by watching the movie Hop on Saturday night.  It was a pretty cute movie, and my favorite part is when EB poops jelly beans (yeah, I bet you won't be in a hurry to eat those anytime soon)...  I must have Mom & Uncle Paul's weird sense of humor.

Watching the movie Hop on TV

Even though I didn't get to see the EB in person, Easter Sunday turned out to be a pretty cool day.  Melisa, a Puppy Raiser for the South Pinellas Group sent out an invitation to a polo match / tailgate party in Sarasota so Mom and I decided to go.  Dad wasn't too interested so he was stuck at home with Sneakers to watch the Masters Tournament (someone really had to twist his arm for that).  Congrats Bubba Watson - you look great in that green jacket!

Orginally our friend Stephanie (currently awaiting her next pup, the 1st Puppy of Clearwater) was going to ride with fellow Puppy Raisers, Cheryl & Fred, and their dog Jam and meet us at the polo grounds, but apparently Jam was having a bad (intact) male adolescent puppy day and they decided to stay home, so Stephanie rode with us.

We arrived at the polo grounds, located our tent, and were greeted by Eric & Duke (Melisa & Ed), Petey - the 1st Puppy of St. Petersburg (David) and a number of their family and friends.  Trapper (Larry & Gabrielle) showed up a little later in the day.  Eric & Petey were already hard at play and tried to get me to join in.  After a few minutes of greetings, I "told" the boys that I wasn't interested in their rough-housing and went with "Auntie" Stephanie to sit and watch the action.

Gail with Stephanie, Melisa & David

Eric (left), me and Petey (right)


Petey & Eric having fun

Petey trying to show Eric who's in charge

The polo match started with a parade of the players and horses circling the field.  Wow - those are some big critters!  There was also a horse drawn carriage and Easter eggs were being thrown to the kids in the crowd.

The Clydesdales reminded me of a Budweiser commercial...

Auntie Stephanie & me watching the parade
The "boys" barked at the horses, but I stared at them in awe.  After that came the National Anthem, and then the start of the match.  It was pretty amazing watching those giant horses run from one end of the field to the other.  The people riding the horses kept trying to chase a little white ball, I thought that was something that dogs or golfers did (of course, I'm not allowed to play with a ball).

Eric is sitting & calmly watching the parade
After awhile, the horses needed a break so they allowed everyone out on the playing field and we did something called "finding the divots".  I thought divots were found on a golf course so I was a little confused, but it didn't take me long to figure it out and start looking for them.  However, someone did warn me to stay away from the "steaming" divots...  While we were looking for divots, the horse drawn carriage was giving rides to the spectators, so I got to see them up close again.

Whew!  No steaming divot here!

It's a team effort

People want to learn about us

Gail is very focused on the match

Water bowl frenzy!

"In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest gent in the Easter parade"
Dance Party!

Although us puppies weren't wearing our capes (today was a fun day), we still attracted a lot of attention from the people around us during the break.  A number of people were interested in us and what we were being trained to do, and we happily answered their questions.

After the break we headed back to our tent.  By this time I was starting to get into the match and getting frustrated when others would get in my way.  Petey tried to get me to play with him again, but I still wasn't interested, I was there for the culture, not play!  I do have to admit that towards the end, I was getting a little restless, so Petey and I thought we'd taste test the Bermuda Grass.  We barely got a few samples before being caught...

All of a sudden, things in the match picked up - a ball came bounding over the "fence" in front of our tent.  Needless to say, that ball caught everyone's attention and the puppies all jumped at the chance to chase the "forbidden" ball.  Unfortunately, the people a few tents away managed to get it first - oh, well, maybe next time.  Before you knew it, the match was over and it was time to say goodbye to our friends.  Auntie Stephanie, Mom and I headed home.

When we got home we filled Dad in on all the details.  Maybe next time he'll join us...  By then I decided I was due for a much needed nap so Mom put me in my kennel and I dreamt about horses and Easter eggs.

Sweet dreams everyone!


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