Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of the week...

Now for the next exciting event... My favorite UPS Driver, Scott was back from vacation and came in to see me! Well, actually, he had to deliver some packages, but I like to think that he came in just to see me. I fall to pieces (just like the Patsy Cline song) when I see him and today was no different as you can see.

And they call it Puppy Love...

This week was a lot about meeting people...  I got to meet Gitta.  She was very kind and showered me with affection (of course, you know how much I dislike that, cough, cough, yeah right...).

Gitta meets Gail

Mom and I had Friday off work (the stock market is closed on Good Friday) so Dad, Mom and I met Bonnie and Phil for breakfast.  You'll never guess what happened! We no more than sat down than Scott (yes, my favorite UPS driver) delivered a package next door to the restaurant.  He saw us and waved to me!  Good thing he didn't come inside, I would have been uncontrollable.

After breakfast, we decided to visit our friend Nancy.  Well, actually, I hadn't met her before, but if she's a friend of Mom's, then she's a friend of mine.  Unfortunately Nancy was at work, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time with her, but I really enjoyed meeting her.

Nancy didn't want to look up for the picture, but I did
I didn't want to look up for the picture, but Nancy did

Dad was trying to keep me quiet...

They have a very cool looking building

By the time we got done visiting Nancy we decided it was time to head home for the day.  I wasn't tired, but Dad and Mom seemed to be winding down...

Saturday we went out for breakfast before heading out for the day.  Mom heard me chewing on something and realized it wasn't something from the normal floor menu.  It turns out that she found a finishing nail in my mouth.  Just that morning she said that she should teach me how to floss my teeth, so I figured the nail would be kind of like using a tooth pick, I guess she didn't agree...

After breakfast we went to help the Lions Club with their fundraiser at a local Publix.  The Lions Club donates to Southeastern Guide Dogs and on Saturday they were raising funds for the SEGD Paws for Patriots Program so we decided to lend a helping paw.  Most people can't resist a cute little puppy so hopefully I was able to help them raise some additional funds.

First fundraising shift

Changing of the guards (Sorry about the shadow but you get the idea)

Finding a cool spot on the pavement

Winding down for the afternoon.  Maybe people will feel sorry for the poor tired puppy!

Who's gonna blink first???

An armored car & a fire truck - talk about a lot diesel engine noise!

Sunday deserves a post all to itself (lots of pictures) so check back in a day or two for that update.

Good night all!


(If you didn't read the post below about the Honor Flight, please make sure you take a few minutes to read it)

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