Monday, April 30, 2012

Homework for this week:

I will not bark, jump or nip... I will not bark, jump or nip... I will not bark, jump or nip...   (3 down, 97 to go)

Unfortunately this week's puppy obedience class didn't go very well, in fact, it may have been worse than last week.  The class had barely begun when I decided to bark, jump up and nip at Mom.  Karen immediately pulled us out of the training circle and kept making us move further back from the other puppies.  She had Mom tell me NO once and then stand still looking straight ahead until I calmed down, even if it took a couple of minutes.  Each time I tried it, Mom had to do the same thing.  Eventually, I started calming down in shorter periods of time.  Karen talked about my box of acceptable behaviors and explained that it is this "BIG" and that the main goal is to keep me calm before having me start focusing on some of the commands that we were going to work on that night.  Over time my box of acceptable behaviors will become this "big".

Standing outside the circle of acceptance

At the end of the class, we spent a few minutes talking more with Karen about how to correct some of my behaviors.  Another problem area I have is pulling on my leash.  Since I'll be 6 months old on the 4th, she suggested that we may want to try a Martingale collar.  It's not as aggressive as a slip collar, but it will still apply some pressure when I pull at my leash.  Can you believe it, a Martingale for a Nightingale???  We'll just have to see what next week brings...

On Friday I got attend my first golf tournament.  Carolyn, our Area Coordinator invited the pups-in-training to an event sponsored by her company and several others.  Dad and I arrived and got to hang out with Helen and her guide dog Troy, Sylvia with Carolyn's puppy Sunny, Theo and her new puppy Trudy, Deb and puppy Abbott, and a few others.  The proceeds of the tournament were being donated to SEGD so having a few cute puppies on hand never hurts. We didn't have to do too much other than look cute - piece of cake!  Unfortunately I didn't get to ride in a golf cart - bummer!

Dad & I arrive at the tournament

Trudy needs a break

We were cheering on the
golfers in the putting contest

Hmm...  unattended golf carts,
I'm thinking it's a Caddy Shack kind of moment!

Saturday was a really busy day...

Out for breakfast, then a stop at Home Depot followed by a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority to try to find a new frame for a tailgating tent.  After that we made a much needed trip to the grocery store (old Mother Hubbard had gone to the cupboard...).  Those were just our morning errands.

That afternoon we went to a health fair sponsored by Morton Plant Mease Healthcare.  Nancy and puppy Orchid were on their way out just as we got there.  We talked to them for a couple of minutes before heading in to relieve Cheryl and Jam, and Stephanie and Coastie from their duties.

Poor Nancy kept dropping things
and Orchid was losing her cape!

Coastie is the newest puppy in the group at 11 weeks old, and is sponsored by the City of Clearwater.  Clearwater is one of 14 cities that have a Coast Guard station.  This was our first time meeting Coastie, and I have to tell you, I'm jealous!  He's so adorable that people aren't going to pay two bits of attention to me any more now that I'm a "big" dog at 6 months old.

Greeting people at the health fair

Coastie was so tired he slept through most of the fair.

Stephanie's still going strong

Coastie checks out the fire truck

Can you say "adorable"?!!!

When we got done there we went to a school carnival.  Sheldon, my boss at Tampa Bay Financial Planning invited us to his kids' school carnival - wow, what an exposure for a pup in training!  All of the carnival rides, noises, smells, and people - talk about sensory overload.  We got to see Sheldon and his family and walked around for about an hour.  Believe me, I was ready to go home by that time.  I'm glad we didn't go at night when the flashing lights and music on the rides would have been going crazy.

Holy cow, what have I gotten myself into?

Lauren & Jack are having fun,
but I'm getting dizzy watching them go around and around

Cailey doing her "fake" smile... :-)

I think I might be afraid of heights

When we got home I was so tired I didn't even try to torment, um, I mean, play with Sneakers, can you believe it?


  1. At our next meeting, at least Jam will have company outside the circle of acceptance. Welcome, my friend. It is not such a bad place to be. You can hear yourself think. It is much calmer. And they do listen out there. 8-)

    1. Did I tell you that Karen (trainer) gave her with the moniker of Captain Crazy Pants II? She and Jam will have a great time together in the outer realms of the training circle. LOL!