Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Easter Sunday polo match was so cool that I think this post should be all about the pictures - enjoy!!!

(by the way, they're in no particular order)

Pony rides

If I wanted to wear an Easter bonnet
I would've brought my own!

Petey on the other hand looks
very cool in his bunny ears!

No one told me there was a dress code!

Petey has GIANT paws compared to me!

Puppy Play Time!

Me & Petey - Intently watching the match

The horses are so awesome I don't
even care that there's a kid close by...

No one's getting this toy!

Eric is such a good sport!

Really, must they keep putting these
silly bunny ears on me?!!!

Easter Bunny David!
Like puppy like Daddy, or is it like Daddy like puppy?

Right in the middle of the action!

I'm kinda getting into this polo stuff!

Guarding the coveted water bowl

Chit, chat time...

The "Clubhouse"

A view of the "Tent People"

They still keep trying to get me to wear
those silly bunny ears!

The "ears" keep making the rounds!

Petey, this is your last warning!
I really don't want to play right now!

Opening ceremony

The opening parade

Petey (left), Eric (with Melisa) and
Gail (lower right) just hanging out

More hanging out...

They move to fast, I can't keep track of the players!

What are those sticks that they're carrying?

I think I could become a polo groupie!

Petey and I decided to check out the Bermuda Grass

Duke is chillin' in the shade of an awning - He's one smart dude!

Trapper (Gabrielle & Larry) hanging out
with Auntie Stephanie & me

I sure hope no one notices the hole that Petey and I started working on
- maybe they'll think it's a divot!

Have a good week, and check back soon to learn about my next adventures!

~ Gail

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